Spirulina Planet is run by Peter Lloyd.

Peter has been enjoying spirulina for the last 6 years. Without much exaggeration, you could say that he’s a real spirulina addict. He drinks 2 – 3 glasses of day of his favourite lemon-water-spirulina combination. He sprinkles spirulina crunchy on his breakfast cereals or chews it when he goes hiking. He’s slowly starting to turn green.

“I love selling spirulina, as it is a multiple win situation. It’s good for people buying it, it’s good for the workers and the environment where it’s grown, and it’s good to sell it here in Hong Kong and internationally.”

In addition to Spirulina Planet, Peter is an editor of Holistic Asia and Positive News Hong Kong. Both magazines are dedicated to creating a better world on as many levels as possible.

Peter is also a practicing psychotherapist and a student of Process Oriented Psychology. You can contact him via www.peterlloydpsychotherapy.com.

Additionally, he is an interfaith minister and is available for weddings, baby namings and other ceremonies. More details on www.peterlloydcelebrant.com.

Spirulina Planet’s website was built by Richard Cabelka. You can see more of his work at www.pixelninja.me. If you need some web development, please do yourself a favor and get in touch with him. He has been outstanding and extremely reliable.