"While I was studying in India for a number of years I found it very difficult to obtain fresh fruit and salads. My body seemed to crave something green, something vital, something that rice, lentils or potatoes simply couldn’t satisfy. I found taking spirulina on a daily basis seemed to ‘fill the gap’ so to say. I also found it incredibly good value in comparison to a lot of the other supplements out on the market."

Michael West/Sannyasi Madhav, Australia

"My husband and I absolutely love your spirulina, both in the powder and crunchy form. We start each day with a large glass of it, sprinkle in on our salads and popcorn, and also use it as a facial mask. We frequently make spirulina balls, which are loaded with lots of nutritious nuts, and it’s a favourite amongst our friends and family. Have introduced a number of friends and family members to this very healthy food supplement!"

JY, Missouri, USA

"The lightest and best tasting spirulina I have experienced."

Francois de Jong, former head chef at Life Café, Soho, Hong Kong

"I have been taking spirulina in powder from Spirulina Planet for about a year. Spirulina is more than a health supplement, it’s a food. I take it every day after my yoga practice. What’s more, I also use spirulina for facial about once or twice a week. You will be happy to see the result when taken internally and externally. Also, I come across this restaurant in Wanchai, Hong Kong called ‘World Peace Café’ which serve vegetarian food only. They have soup with spirulina and it tastes so good."

PW, Hong Kong

"I love the spirulina flakes (crunchy) which I sprinkle on salads and my 14-year-old son munches them as a snack.
Many people seem to object to the colour. However, if one really looks at the greeness of nature and how healing and soothing the green colour is, one should be able to relate to how the green food can heal as well.
I take spirulina to help my digestion and give it to my son to help him with iron deficiency. I take it in powder form which I mix with my shake, or in capsules when I am travelling, and in flakes when I want some good wholesome taste. I also add the powder to nut bars, usually almonds which I sprout and blend with agave or dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries (soaked), and then I dehydrate the bar for a day or two."

Chan Cudennec, Hong Kong

"I’ve been getting Spirulina from Peter for a few years now and don’t think I could live with out the wonderful powder. The best part of my day is my fruity Spirulina smoothie, spread over a BIG bowl of mixed fruit, sometimes with Muesli, for breakfast. A smoothie of papaya, banana, juice of a lemon, tablespoon of flax seeds and a heaped teaspoon of Spirulina with some soy milk or apple juice, all blended up, can sustain me for hours on its own. As well as being wonderful for the bowels! I also like the idea of my helping out a community in India and them helping me."

Brian Monk, New Zealand

"Spirulina is a "super food" and I use Spirulina Planet’s spirulina on a regular basis. I notice an improved difference in my energy level, skin radiance, physical performance and clarity of mind when I consume spirulina. I like to combine spirulina with other super foods like bee pollen, goji berries, raw honey, raw chocolate, apricot kernels, black sesame seeds, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, etc. in a smoothie that I make in my blender. Whoah! Drink one of these first thing in the morning and you are energized for the whole day… amazing. Enjoy."

John Burchell – B.Sc., M.A. teacher and published author, Canada